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Let’s delve into why website content is vital for SEO and getting found on Google/Bing.
This is a fundamental part to our business in supporting and caring for our clients so why not share some insight into why.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation, this is the improvement to organic search results on search engines like Google.

Through the correct implementation of certain aspects to a websites design the quantity and quality of website visitors increases.


Content is a fundamental driver of a large proportion of SEO. Much like this blog post right now, in which we hope you find useful. A performance vehicle that pushes a website to reach a wider audience.

Content comes in many forms and Google are the main search engine many businesses strive to please to achieve high organic listings.

Google prefer content to be relevant to its users.

Content needs to be engaging, helpful, educational so the users of their search engine can find what they need when they need.

Do you want to be scrolling through page after page trying to find the information you want?

No. You do not really have the time either do you?

There is a variety of ways where you can add content to your own website.

This can come in the forms of:

  • Web page text content
  • Blogging – Blog Posts
  • Video content
  • Images / Photos
  • Social Media Posts
  • E-Books
  • YouTube Videos
  • PDF’s
  • Directory Listings
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts


Content can also have its negative effects, from small doses of content where pages lack the detail to even warrant a web page.


Avoid duplicating your content, be wary of copy and pasting the same intro text across the website and the web, from local directories to Facebook. Bulking out your website with copy from other websites is really just unfriendly and a big no no, google recognises this duplicated content and takes appropriate action.

Try copying a section of text and searching it on google, does the text appear in multiple listings word for word?

Take that extra time to write unique text, do not rush the process.

Tip: Brainstorm/Research a few topics you can think about. Approach your writing from a different angle.

Alternatively seek out a web company who can help you with SEO. We at Lucent Dynamics would be more than happy to help, simply send us an email with your requirements.


Just a quick tip before you dive immediately into creating some content.

Please please please refrain from spamming your website with your important keywords. Google will penalise you – when the density of your keywords is unusually high you are raising a big red flag suggesting the written content is poorly. A sure-fire way to wasting your time and money.


An example of improving business website SEO.

A local building company can increase their visibility by promoting their latest work. Simply publish their latest project on their website and include detailed text describing the work from what was involved to the area the job was completed in.

For example “close board fence supplied and installed in Southbourne, Bournemouth”.
Combine this with photos, video of the completed job from before to after shots.

With the right attention to detail your input will reap dividends possibly resulting in new work from a potential client who searches using the example above “close board fence”. Your listing/photo pops up on Google, the user clicks onto your website. They like the finished job and decide to give the building company a call.

(How much effort you put into displaying your projects will be a factor here to convert your visitor to a lead, which we will approach in another blog post another time)

Get in touch with us right now, we would be happy to help discuss ways you can improve your website and content.


Aquitania Collectables is a collectables business we have had the pleasure to work on for over 10 years. Over time the website went from a simple web page designed to target users in the local areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Southampton in the counties of Dorset and Hampshire. The goal of the website was to find local people who wished to sell their old collectables they no longer needed for money to collectors like Aqutiania Collectables.

Over time the website naturally reiterated, and we gradually expanded its web page content including new photos, added a promotional video, created necessary pages like Frequently Asked Questions and Selling Guides. This enabled Aquitania to reach out further afield throughout the UK.

Aquitania at present receive daily enquiries from the target audience all over the UK and has even reached an international audience including visitors from America, Canada, Malta, France and Spain.

Lucent Dynamics manage a website for a Bournemouth based Painting and Decorating company. Whilst expanding and improving the website in the latest redesign many new pages were created along with new services the company was now offering.

One such service page achieved a top of page organic listing in a fast fashion mainly due to this being a unique service faced with low competition from local companies. An improved website redesign enabled the Painting company to reach out to new connections and the business received from the new leads has resulted in very lucrative painting contracts.


Creating great content for you and your website takes time and should be seen as a journey. Search engines love fresh content and so do your users. Do one thing today no matter how small that pushes you that little bit further towards your goals.

Lucent Dynamics are a Bournemouth based Website Consultancy who specialise in creating websites for all types of individuals and businesses. SEO is a fundamental part to our business and our clients. We include important SEO practices into all websites created and maintained for the benefit of our clients, we take an interest, and we care.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.

Daniel – Lucent Dynamics

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