"I love what I do and I love helping others succeed at what they love to do."

Daniel, Lucent Dynamics

How did it all start?

I went on a simple website design course for a couple months where I learnt the basics of web design. Its here I got into Adobe Dreamweaver (a front end visual web page builder).

My first functioning website was called veggiegrow. After the course a client from my parent's business got me into building websites, he provided web hosting and helped me get on my way in the web creation world. I built a few sites which still to this day are online.

Check them out:

  • www.davidroeroofing.co.uk
  • www.absolutely-plastered.com
  • www.aquitaniacollectables.com

Over the years my parents would sell websites to their customer base from leaflet delivery and printing (my first business venture). So I constantly had projects to design, create and build. I did everything from purchase the domain name, order web hosting, brainstorm, make notes from client meetings, wireframe, draft up a visual design in fireworks (my favourite programme), converse with client, tweak the designs. Then is was down to build using the best practices of code I knew at the time. Come across and fix bugs and design flaws in my designs. Experiment with ambitious / outrageous designs to push designs forward. Try and implement new javascript scripts into the designs to in turn try to improve the interactivity and use of animation to spice of the design.

By learning from scratch I dove deep and learnt lots about meta tags, CSS rules, html validation, design limitations, coding from a blank page. I'm so thankful I went this way as it taught me so much.

I can inspect any element of a webpage to understand what is going on - check the colours used, the height of an element, the transition effect.

95% of the websites I made were for local businesses, so I needed to develop SEO - Search Engine Optimisation skills pretty quick. The main goal for these sites was to get their business found, attract enquiries and ultimately bring in business.

Research, developing relationships with local businesses, optimising keywords, tracking statistics, promoting websites, creating engaging content through text and interactive elements. All these had to be taken into account.

Who I Am

I'm a freelance website developer in Bournemouth, I love using my web design and development skills to help organisations and businesses achieve online success.

What We Do

I'm focused on honing my crafts and bringing everything I have to the table for our clients. I create custom, functional websites focused on converting your users into customers.

Why We Do It

I love working for myself and I feel that spirit helps translate into the quality of my work. Working with clients who love their job combines into a fun, wonderful partnership for everyone involved.


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